The Elephant

There’s an elephant in the room. Well, actually it’s this nagging dark cloud of uncertainty that whispers in my ear every day. Every freaking day. “They will leave you behind.” “They will mock your efforts and watch you walk away with tears and not care.” It’s the fear that my awesome family, the very people that have motivated me to be better, will turn their backs on me. Forget me. Make fun of me. My own children will take joy in my demise. 

I recognize that these feelings may be irrational, that maybe even no one else feels this way. Who knows. It doesn’t matter. These fears are real for me. And it has actually happened on a small scale so it feels like it’s very possible that we could encounter “the big one” in the future. But what am I to do with that? Should it control my every move? Should it dictate my direction? I feel like in wisdom, I should have a back up plan. If the team falls apart, can I use what I have learned? Or will I be crippled beyond repair?

I know many people fear that their business partners will decide to go a different route, that’s reasonable. I get that. But this is family, right? I think even in family we have to recognize autonomy. We have to let our loved ones make their own choice. But it sure is hard. We have to make sure we are striving for something that is not dependent on someone else’s skills. Sure, it makes life a whole lot easier when we can leverage the strengths of our loved ones but we shouldn’t get upset when they want to venture away. So shore up your own boat so you won’t sink if you find yourself suddenly alone. 

Published by Code Revelations

Just a lady trying to create something that may or may not make sense. With the help of a very willing and eager Senior Architect(Hubby), maybe just maybe I will have some fun in the process.

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