Let’s get some clarity on what this blog is all about, shall we? Getting visitors to this blog is definitely not my main goal. Sure, it would be nice to have people benefit from my experience but it’s not my main focus. I wanted to blog my experience for my kids and those that may be discouraged in their own journey. 

I have some experience with coding, have dabbled in it for several years. I have built websites for people before the web got flooded with companies like Wix. It was a fun, on the side thing that I enjoyed. Being a homeschool mom with 8 kids left me with little time to pursue things but I did my best. I pursued a lot of things actually. Sewing, woodworking, music production, and yes, even studied blender for a little while years ago. I have always bounced around but never really committed to one thing.

Because of my nature I went through a sort of identity crisis. Who was I meant to be(intellectually) and why couldn’t I figure that out? I listened to a Jordan Peterson talk about those people who claim to be a “jack of all trades but a master of none”. He basically said that they have a tendency to go through this identity crisis thing. In order to help with that, they must pick one thing to focus on, even if they will never be a master of it. They just have to stick with it. So in an effort to apply wisdom, I decided to do just that. I am committed to programming. Even if it’s not my 8-hour-a-day thing, I will program every day, because that’s what programmers do.

I do have a vision of the future. It includes AR/VR so that’s why I am going down that road. And my husband agrees with me, so that makes it even more appealing to trail blaze down this risky path.


2.Pick a thing and commit to it

3.See how far you can go

4.Don’t regret

Published by Code Revelations

Just a lady trying to create something that may or may not make sense. With the help of a very willing and eager Senior Architect(Hubby), maybe just maybe I will have some fun in the process.

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