Focus on the step

Everyone starts somewhere. And yet, we carry a belief that states that we must master a skill without struggle and failure. We somehow see learning something as a race to a finish line. It’s my belief that the process of learning isn’t a race. There are no finish lines. This is actually somewhat depressing for those of us who like check off boxes and goals. But really, the reason that it bothers us is because we were taught that learning is supposed to be an end. The end result being a job. If we reframe our beliefs around learning, we can actually be progressive in this world that has become…progressive.

There’ve been many adventures that I have embarked on but the one that has been the most difficult is programming. There’s a somewhat difficult learning curve for sure. But the thing that killed me was the lack of clearly seen progress. The mastery of a few concepts results in something that really isn’t very useful and few people rarely see it as something to be praised. It takes a while for you to come to a point where you actually produce something useful, only to find out someone built it better a fews years before.

So why continue? If there are so many people ahead and the road is so long? This is where discipline and desire step in. No one will continue something like this unless they actually enjoy it or see themselves surpassing all those people who think they have “arrived” and refuse to keep learning. You see, you should always be learning, especially in fields that are so progressive. There is no end date. So those people who aren’t continuing their education in the tech field are basically digging their own grave.

I am lucky. I have a husband who agrees and strives to continually educate himself. I decided to take advantage of my situation by asking him to set the trajectory of my studies and guide me as I take each step up the stairwell of development. It’s easy to imagine the excitement that came over him. His mind raced with ideas as we discussed the different technologies. And so it began, him and I. How lucky am I that I get my own tech mentor? So if you are interested in finding out what he’s got planned for me, stay tuned!

Published by Code Revelations

Just a lady trying to create something that may or may not make sense. With the help of a very willing and eager Senior Architect(Hubby), maybe just maybe I will have some fun in the process.

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